We offer optical connector cleaners from one of the pioneers of the industry, NTT Advanced Technology corporation, Japan

The cause of many troubles in optical communication equipment is contamination on the end face of optical connectors. Because the optical fiber core, which transmits the communication light signal, has a small diameter of only 10 microns, even a small spot of contamination, which may be invisible to the naked eye, may affect transmission performance and cause communication failure. To avoid communication failure due to contamination, it is necessary to clean the optical connector end-face just before making the connection. NTT Advanced Technology’s optical connector cleaners use fiber developed specifically for optical connectors, so even the smallest contaminants not visible to the naked eye are removed.



  • Faster Cleaning.
  • Eliminate the need to use solvents when removing dust.
  • Proper cleaning extends the life of connects and reduces replacement costs.
  • Available for cleaning for 1.25 mm and 2.5mm ferrules (SC, FC, ST, MU, LC, MT, MPO/MTP Connectors).
  • Widely uesd in Optical experimental research, for indoor and outdoor optical fiber communication construction, maintenance, and fiber equipment.
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